congress manifesto for differently abled

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42. Persons with Disabilities:By one estimate , there are 4 croar people in India who are persons with disabilities. Congress is firmly committed to upholding the rights, dignity and self - respect of persons with disabilities. We promise a fair deal for persons with disabilities and opportunities for them to be employed , productive and contributing to the welfare of their families and to the progress of our nation .
01. Articles 15 and 16 of the Constitution will be  amended to prohibit discrimination on the ground of ' disability ' or ' impairment.'  02. All public services and public spaces , government offices and private premises will be made inclusive and accessible to persons with disabilities.  03. We will set up an information portal to enable easy access to information on all 21 disabilities
included in the Right of Persons with Disabilities Act , 2016 and to create awareness on the rights of persons with disabilities.  04. Congress promises to direct all Ministries and Departments to cause a quick review of their policy statements and programmes in order to ensure that they acknowledge , protect and promote the rights of persons with disabilities .
05. We will propose an Amendment to the Constitution to recognise the Braille script and Sign Language as languages.  06. We will establish a National Centre of Research  and Excellence for Special Education to ensure that quality education is imparted to children with special needs and children with disabilities.
07. Congress promises to commission an annual  social audit of policies and programmes for persons with disabilities.  08. All assistive and adaptive aids , appliances  and devices will be zero - rated under the GST 2 . 0 regime .

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